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Authorpreneur’s leverage their book as a tool to open doors, attract more business, create more opportunities, and to cross-promote all other products and services. They use their credibility, authority, and expert status to build a life of their dreams by leveraging a printed book as their catalyst for unimaginable success.

Authorpreneur AcademyAuthorpreneur Academy is here to help you leverage every aspect of a book. From before you even write one word to well beyond thriving, you’ll be confident using your professionally published book to catapult your business!


What are the first six letters in the word authorityUSA Today says 84% of people in the world want to write a book but far less than 1% actually do.

✎ Instant Credibility
✎ Instant Authority
✎ Instant Expert
✎ Instant Sales Funnel
✎ Increased Visibility
✎ Increased Trust
✎ Increased Branding
✎ Increase Your Fees

✎ Attract Media Attention
✎ Attract More Business
✎ Attract Opportunities
✎ Attract New Leads
✎ Attract Speaking Gigs
✎ Attract Consulting Contracts
✎ Open Doors of Opportunity
✎ Differentiate Yourself

The One Minute Authorpreneur
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